MOBX 2013 Videos

Interviews and impressions

MOBX 2013 Videos

MOBX 2013 took place September 13, 2013 in Berlin. Here are some interviews with our wonderful speakers.

MOBX 2013

James Robertson: Enterprise Mobility

Helena Roeber: Android’s Design Principles for Creating Mobile Experiences

Noble Ackerson: Designing for Google Glass

Stéphanie Walter: Responsive Webdesign: not as simple as they are trying to make you think it is.

Chris Noessel: Make It So: Apologizing for bad sci-fi UI

Laura Kalbag: Access all screens

Meaghan Reinecke: Designing applications for the BlackBerry 10 platform

Juhani Lehtimäki: Responsive Design for Android

Christophe Stoll: How to behave well in a multi-device world

Bart Claeys: Designing for Windows 8