Mariusz Cieśla (Poland)

MOBX 2014

Mariusz Cieśla

Mariusz (@dotmariusz) is a software developer gone user interface designer. Co-founder and head of user experience of, a AirBnB-style platform for sharing lifestyles and passions.

Previously freelancer, agency employee and lead designer at Verse in user experience and user interface design, passionate about web and iOS development, really bad at maintaining balance on a skateboard.

Mariusz is a self-taught UX & user interface designer, firmly believing that user experience design is a process, not something that you can put on top of a ready-made app like icing. That’s why he has been doing various design and product development roles in his career to be able to understand and help customers and developers deliver product that users will love.

Mariusz has published a free Gibbon course called Designing UI Animation.

Speaker: Mariusz Cieśla
Presentation: Providing value. Introduction to proactive experience design.
Abstract: The problem with smart homes, smart cars and smart devices right now is that, well, they’re not really smart. In the era of new and exciting tools like indoor location tracking with Bluetooth, proximity marketing and context-aware search, we can take our interfaces to next level.

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