Hall of Fame

MOBX Speakers 2011 - 2014

MOBX is a privately organized event. There is no big marketing agency, publishing house, software vendor or rich uncle behind this endeavor, just four friends who run this conference – for the fun of it.

The following speakers have appeared at previous MOBX events:

  • Adrian Zumbrunnen (CH)
  • Andrew Zusman (IL)
  • Anna Dahlström (SE)
  • Avi Itzkovitch (IL)
  • Amber Case (USA)
  • Andrea Resmini (SE)
  • Andreas Wegner (DE)
  • Bart Claeys (USA)
  • Cennydd Bowles (UK)
  • Claire Rowland (UK)
  • Chris Noessel (USA)
  • Christophe Stoll (DE)
  • Christian Reiter (CH)
  • Chui Chui Tan (UK)
  • Donald Lindsay (USA)
  • Evan Gerber (USA)
  • Greg Nudelman (USA)
  • Guilherme Schneider (UK)
  • Helena Roeber (USA)
  • James Robertson (AU)
  • Joel Sandström (SE)
  • José Vittone (ES)
  • Joni Rustulka (USA)
  • Juhani Lehtimäki (FI)
  • Kristofer Layon (USA)
  • Laura Kalbag (UK)
  • Mariusz Cieśla (PL)
  • Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT)
  • Meaghan Reinecke (CA)
  • Noble Ackerson (USA)
  • Nick Finck (USA)
  • Priya Prakash (UK)
  • Robert Stulle (DE)
  • Hendrik Dacquin (BE)
  • Scott Jenson (USA)
  • Skip Allums (USA)
  • Stephanie Rieger (UK)
  • Stéphanie Walter (FR)
  • Theresa Neil (USA)
  • Lennart Hennigs (DE)
  • Dan Saffer (USA)
  • Darryl Feldman (DE)
  • Gabriel White (UG)
  • Giles Colborne (UK)
  • Josh Clark (USA)
  • Karen McGrane (USA)
  • Nancy Birkhölzer (DE)
  • Oliver Reichenstein (JP)
  • Peter Sikking (DE)
  • Rod Farmer (AU)

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You can reach us via email at info@mobxcon.org. You can support the MOBX conference in several ways. Please request the MOBX Sponsoring Letter.


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