MOBX Cinema 2014

Big pictures at the after show

MOBX After Show

(Update) We will be watching “Her” after the conferenceWired Magazine points out Why Her Will Dominate UI Design Even More Than Minority Report. They write:

It’s not just that Her, the movie, is focused on people. It also shows us a future where technology is more people-centric. The world Her shows us is one where the technology has receded, or one where we’ve let it recede. It’s a world where the pendulum has swung back the other direction, where a new generation of designers and consumers have accepted that technology isn’t an end in itself–that it’s the real world we’re supposed to be connecting to.

Read what MOBX 2014 speaker Mariusz Ciesla has to say about “Her”: How “Her” made me hopeful about future of technology.

By now you probably know MOBX takes place in a rather spectacular old East German cinema. Why this particular venue? Well, we’ve all been to conferences where they cram you into a small room with a screen so minuscule, you can’t read a single word on those teeny-weeny slides—even though you’re sitting in first row! That’s not how we think big ideas should be served up. So for you, dear friends, we’ve got literally one of the biggest screens in Berlin!

But wait—since we’re already in a cinema, how about just staying there (in the evening after the conference and a few drinks) and watching a movie? Just because we can! And by the way, it’s a great way to relax after a whole day of amazing presentations with all those new ideas bouncing around your head.

Last year, at MOBX 2013, we watched CARGO, an award-winning, low-budget sci-fi flick. Here’s a teaser:

So we were wondering, which movie would you like to see at MOBX 2014? We’d love to hear what you think, so send us your suggestions and win a big (read: BIG) discount on MOBX regular tickets.

Simply tweet …

… and you might be one of many lucky winners. If you have more than one movie suggestion, that’s great, but please send only one movie per Tweet.

The movie we’re looking for should have:

  • interesting user interface design
  • cool human-machine interactions
  • user experience in action

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you!