Christian Reiter (Switzerland)

MOBX 2014

Christian Reiter

Christian studied computer science at ETH Zurich and founded already two companies. The first one did consulting for a Swiss railway company and the second one was sold to Google. Previously he worked on CAD-Software, at ETH Zurich, Disney Research and Holidaycheck.

Innovation, limitless possibilities and exciting entrepreneurial risks are what drives him on the search of “The Next Big Thing” and he has one or two things in mind what this could be. He’d define himself as an entrepreneur because he loves building products from the ground up and tries different approaches to solve a given problem in the best possible way.

You can listen to Christian in podcast episode AKW054 Timely, eine zeitgemäße Android App (in German).

Christian Reiter is one of the guys behind Timely, one of the most elegant alarm clock apps out there.

Speaker: Christian Reiter
Presentation: UX vs. Product? Why user experience and product need to play nice with each other.
Abstract: There are many apps out there with either a great user experience and are fun to use or on the other hand solve a real problem with so much value in it but with a really bad design. But what we need is more stuff which does both great. Every product needs to solve a real problem, or more generally, be of value for the user, and to communicate the solution to that problem in a clear and concise way. This talk will try to raise the awareness that both of these aspects are necessary for success and argue that it’s crucial to focus on both of them at any given time of development.

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