Avi Itzkovitch (Israel)

MOBX 2014

Avi Itzkovitch

Avi Itzkovitch is the owner of IoT News Network, an independent resource for the Internet of Things, and is a longtime interactive and web design professional with thirteen years of experience.

The author of Design-It-Yourself: Web Sites (Rockport Publishers, 2003), Avi is an avid enthusiast of technology and is often invited to speak about emerging design and UX trends. Avi is currently working as an Independent UI/UX Consultant at his studio, XG Media.

Avi Itzkovitch has published several articles about user experience. For example you might like reading Disruptive Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation: Adding Value to Connected Devices or Creating An Adaptive System To Enhance UX.

Speaker: Avi Itzkovitch
Presentation:  Designing with Sensors. Creating Adaptive Experiences.
Abstract: How do we utilize sensor and user data to create experiences in the digital world? We all know that smart devices have sensors, but how can we use this as a resource to acquire information about the user and his environment? And how can we use this information to design a better user experience that is both unobtrusive and transparent? The simple answer: we create adaptive systems.

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