Andrew Zusman (Israel)

MOBX 2014

Andrew Zusman

A veteran speaker and Design for Experience Awards semi-finalist in accessibility, Andrew Zusman has been spreading the principles of universal design far and wide.

By day Andrew is a user experience designer at Israel’s top agency and by night he is a teacher at an academy for UX design. Originally from Indiana in the United States, Andrew currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv with his wife Natasha and their dog Indy. You can follow him on Twitter: @UXAndrew

Speaker: Andrew Zusman
Presentation: Digital Dyslexia. Universal Design and the Dyslexic Experience.
Abstract: Reaching the widest possible user base is incredibly complex, but by looking at the periphery instead of the masses it is much easier to create an inclusive design.  Ten percent of users are dyslexic, but few designers know how to design for dyslexia or why they should.  Using the principles of universal design, this presentation will present practical tools based on original research for creating a better experience not only for those with dyslexia but for everyone.

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